System & Specifications
Optical Fiber Temperature Information System

(NK-Optical Fiber Temperature Information System)


- The System
- Typical System Performance

Graphic Software

(Graphic Software-Optical Fiber Temperature
Information System)


- Screen Display
- Alarm Functions
- Additional Functions

Applicable Products

Optical Fiber Point Probes


- Low-cost temperature monitoring hundreds points in locations such as bearings for pumps.
- Optimal measures for detecting abnormal temperatures for maintaining equipment

Application Examples

Fire Detection Experiment

Surface Temperature Monitoring on High-temperature Vessels in Plants
(Hot Spot Monitoring System)

Leakage Detection of LNG tank

Leakage Detection of high Temperature Steam Piping

Power Cable Temperature Monitoring

Down Hole Temperature Distribution Measurement

Observation of Saline Wedge Behavior in Brackish Water Areas

Application example
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