System & Specifications
GS-OPTIS Graphics Software
- Screen Display

Temperature Distribution Profile :


The Temperature Distribution Profile displays up to 1000 segmented sections of the entire temperature monitoring area by using 16 levels of color.
The main screen can be freely customized to meet the users; monitoring objectives.

Temperature Distribution Profile



>Detailed diagram

Temperature Distribution Graph :


This screen displays a chart of temperature vs. cable distance along the total length of the optical fiber sensor cable.
The zooming function can be used to display any desired range along the length of sensor cable.

Temperature Distribution Graph



>Detailed diagram

Trend Graph :


This screen displays a temperature trend in time for the designated points along the length of sensor cable.

Trend Graph



>Detailed diagram

- Alarm Functions

Temperature Alarm


The temperature alarm for each section can be set for the fixed temperature and/or the rate of temperature rise.
The alarm information is output via relay contact and also displayed on the screen.

Fiber Break Alarm


The fiber break of the sensor line is continuously monitored. The fiber break alarm is output via relay contact and also displayed on the screen showing its position.

DTS Failure Alarm


Self-diagnosis of the DTS function is performed and the DTS failure alarm is automatically output via relay contact and is displayed on the screen when a malfunction is detected.

- Additional Functions

Network capability


Centralized PC monitoring for the system composed of plural DTS is possible by networking.
Remote monitoring is possible via a communication line such as LAN and via the web.

Data Logging


Since all of the measured temperature data is stored in the HDD for a certain period, it is able to trace past data at any time.

System Setting


The system settings such as the temperature distribution profile and alarm function can be customized.
The user can adjust the alarm setting level and modify the display screens.

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