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Hot Spot Monitoring System

Realizing reliable hot spot detection at low cost

The DTS systems, using optical fiber sensors, has been developed for applications in hot spot detection in various plants and is the most dependable method at the lowest cost. Since the DTS can measure and record temperature distribution in detail, and in real time, contributes to the new idea of operation and maintenance of plants for the user.


The vessels and pipes of high temperature plants may cause partly abnormal heating, called hot spots, due to separation of internal heat insulation materials, abnormal internal reactions, inadequate cooling, and others.
Hot spots may cause major accidents, particularly in plants of where there is high pressure gas and high temperature fluid. Even though these plants should be operated with great care, trouble is difficult to predict, and it is often difficult to detect accidents immediately after they happen.

Hot spots


It is essential to measure temperature distribution covering the whole area concerned to reliably detect the hot spot and their warning signs. Conventional thermometers, such as thermocouples are impractical for the use of temperature distribution measurement because numerous points become necessary to cover the area.
Conventional linear wire and pneumatic tubing, called linear heat detector, are not applicable either because they cannot measure temperature, nor can they exactly localize the position of the hot spot.


Hot spot monitoring using the DTS system with optical fiber sensor only requires laying the optical fiber along a suitable route on the surface of the objects to be monitored.
It provides temperature distribution data at one meter intervals in real time and is an extremely cost effective way to monitor temperature distribution over wide areas.


The DTS system specially adopts a loop measurement configuration and uses high temperature resistance optical fiber sensor to measure temperature more exactly and safely over wide areas and very hot surfaces.
Various graphic user interfaces for visual monitoring are available and makes it easy to monitor the operating status of the plant.

Hot spot monitoring system Hot spot monitoring system

Notable Features

- Loop Measurement Configuration

- High Temperature Resistance Optical Fiber Sensor

- Various Graphic User Interface for Visual Monitoring

Notable Features
Example of temperature distribution measurement on high-temperature plant
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